Welcome to the 2nd Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

As an increasing number of candidates enter the clinic and promise to be a mainstay in the future of cancer treatment, CGT pose unique supply chain challenges.

From time and temperature sensitivity, to patient-facing services and integrated platforms, a seamless vein-to-vein supply chain is central in maintaining cell immunotherapy safety and efficacy at scale and maximizing the patient experience.

This October join industry experts from large pharma, biotech, standards agencies and supply chain and logistics service providers. Hear 16+ real-world case studies led by supply chain, strategic sourcing, apheresis, and technical operations experts. Ensure effective forecasting, risk management, quality assurance and service at scale to meet clinical to commercial demand.

Build, adapt and coordinate the vein-to-vein supply of life-changing therapeutics, virtually network and establish yourself in the supply chain community, and share your own experiences to help develop best practice in vein-to-vein therapy supply.

“A great opportunity to focus on the specifics of CGT supply chain challenges that are even more important in the time of COVID-19”

Richard McFarland

President, Standards Coordinating Body


Your Dedicated Forum for Supply Chain Best Practice and Optimization in 2021

Hear What Our Speakers Say

al ribickas moffitt

“The challenges that we faced 12 months ago regarding the delivery of these therapies to our patients are now more complicated due to the emergence of COVID 19. I believe that a great exchange of strategies and ideas will benefit our teams, but most importantly our patients. Please join me at the meeting to strategize, share, and shape the future of the delivery of these treatments to our patients”

Albert Ribickas

Supervisor, Cell Tx Facility, Moffitt Cancer Center

alexandra gomez blurbird

"I believe that passionate patient care is the fuel to become greater at what we do. Join me and other professionals in the industry to recode the norm, strategize, and deliver the results our patients deserve”

Alexandra Gomez

Associate Director Patient Services Operations, bluebird bio

kirstin powel novartis

“This meeting provides an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on supply chain topics that are unique to immunotherapies, in the interest of consistently delivering the highest quality products to our patients”

Kirstin Powel, Global Head, External Quality Operations, Novartis Cell