Welcome to the 2nd Supply Chain and Logistics for Cell Therapies Summit

At the virtual 2nd Supply Chain and Logistics for Cell Therapies Summit, your community will gather to network, share exclusive insights in case-study led sessions, and propose best practice for seamless vein-to-vein delivery at the clinical and commercial scale.

Implement robust, patient-centric supply chains for clinical to commercial readiness

  • Build your supply strategy and manage risk and forecasting at scale by designing for growth
  • Maximize your cloud-based and integrated systems and hear the latest innovations in chain of identity
  • Manage materials, external manufacturing and facility design

Optimize patient care with best practice guidelines and integrated platforms

  • Understand clinical requirements and develop clinical strategies for seamless therapeutic delivery
  • Discuss and establish industry best practices and understand which standard practices can apply across a range of cell modalities

Maintain product quality at scale for seamless delivery of autologous and allogeneic 

  • Optimize front-end processes and develop patient care organisations
  • Discuss quality control and site audits to ensure best standard of care and product quality

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