Pre-Conference Workshop Day

**This event has run**

Pre Conference Workshop Day - Monday April, 25 | Boston

Workshop A

Addressing Concerns About Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody to Strengthen Patient Safety and Traceability Through Digital Systems

8:00am - 10:00am 

Chain of identity and chain of custody are fundamental aspects of the cell therapy supply chain, and the occurrence of errors leads to devastating effects. Therefore, there is a vital requirement to reinforce traceability accuracy, which is now being aided by the
introduction of digital platforms that facilitate this process.

Attend this discussion to learn about:

• Understanding the implications of error in chain of identity
• Employing cell orchestration platforms to guarantee traceability
• Removing chain of identity errors through digital platforms to strengthen patient safety
• Digital tracking of cells to improve patient scheduling
• Employing end-to-end tracking to optimize patient infusion



Kawa Chiu
Vice President of CMC, Supply Chain & eSystems
Lyell Immunopharma

Workshop B

Creating an Ecosystem that Makes End-to-End Management Practical

11:00am - 1:00pm 

With increased demand for end-to-end management but varying supply chain specificities, it is important to understand the diversity of processes to form an overall management ecosystem that can be incorporated into companies of various sizes.

Attend this discussion session to learn about:

• Building a patient-centric operational network of exchange between clinical operations, strategic operations, medical affairs and the clinical site
• Bridging site-facing cross-functional gaps
• Overcoming operational challenges of autologous cell therapies


Stephen Macrides png

Steve Macrides
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Logistics

Workshop C

Collaborating to Implement Standards to Facilitate Cell Therapy Expansion and Industrialization

2:00 - 5:00pm 

The absence of universal standards has impacted multiple aspects of the supply chain and has the potential to reduce the chance of errors and confusion whilst creating time that is invaluable to the cell therapy turnaround.

Attend this discussion session to learn about:

• Discussing the various stages of the supply chain where the introduction of standards would be advantageous
• Voicing the universal desire for standards to focus attention on widening the adoption of standards
• Identifying the reasons why current standards are not working to recognize key aspects in need of improvement



Sheng Lin-Gibson
Nist Biosystems & Biomaterials Division

Richard McFarland
Standards Coordinating Body
Chief Regulatory Officer
Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute