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8.55am - 4.50pm
Physical Event | Eastern Time

9:05 am Introduction and Chair’s Opening Remarks

Streamlining Logistical Processes to Create a Reliable Supply Chain

9:15 am Making Use of Couriers’ Expertise to Operate End-to-End Management

  • Steve Macrides Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Logistics, Iovance


• Transferring increased supply chain control to couriers to cater for increased
demand for end-to-end management
• Building trust with couriers to provide visibility in tracking shipments and solving delays
• Supporting couriers’ needs to guarantee they are able to carry out operations

9:45 am Panel: Educating Logistics Handlers and Drivers About the Value of Cell Therapy Material


• Appreciating the value of shipped materials to demonstrate the need for informed logistics personnel
• Brainstorming methods to safeguard cell therapy treatments and ensure secure delivery

10:30 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

11:45 am How to Achieve Optimal Cell Immunotherapy Bioprocessing Results Through the Scientifically-Driven Selection of Chemically-Defined and GMP-grade Media and Reagents

  • Robert Newman Chief Scientific Officer, FUJIFILM Scientific Irvine


• Advanced cell culture processes in the immunotherapy field
• Benefits of chemically-defined and GMP-grade media and reagents in the establishment of clinical immunotherapy programs
• Three key factors for cell cryopreservation that impact manufacturability
• Value of a critical raw material supplier

Implementing Standards to Streamline Operations

12:15 pm Round Tables: Advancing Standards to Cater for Both Clinical Trials and Commercial Operations, whilst Maintaining Chain of Identity


• Developing standards that are suitable to new and small-size operations
• Recognizing different needs of clinical and commercial operations to direct the requirements of future standards
• Updating standards as clinical operations evolve to become commercial
• Discussing the conflicts between corporate, hospital and shipping labelling requirements and finding a balance that shifts the focus of labels back to COI and traceability

1:00 pm Lunch Break & Networking

2:00 pm Implementing Labeling Standards to Facilitate Apheresis Collection


• Collaborating to develop ISBT 128 standards
• Homogenizing the labeling process to allow patient centers to focus on
customer needs
• Utilizing the vital traceability elements to maximize the restricted space on labels
• Prioritizing standardization efforts to shift the focus back to the patient

2:30 pm Appreciating the Need for Standardization in Logistical Processes to Decrease Transportation Time

  • Susie Ro Associate Director, CGT Logistics, GlaxoSmithKline


• Establishing therapeutic and cellular material transport regulations to facilitate
international logistics
• Determining a packaging ‘normal’ to assist with cellular handling
• Incorporating ISO principles into standard practice to aid multi-courier logistics

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

Harmonizing Digital Systems and the Supply Chain to Centralize Operations

3:30 pm Using Digital Systems to Achieve Effective Scheduling and Communication for Clinical Supply Chain


• Employing digital systems to establish seamless and equitable scheduling
• Increasing visibility and communication throughout the supply chain
• Customizing digital systems to adapt to unique needs and improve workflow

4:00 pm Round Tables: Adapting Digital Systems to Cater to Patient Center


• Acknowledging the varying needs of hospitals and sponsors
• Recognizing the value of interfaces to assist hospitals with external IT system

4:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:50 pm Close of Conference Day One

5:00 pm Networking Happy Hour at the Lobby Bar