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Brooks Life Sciences

Expertise Partner

Brooks Life Sciences, a division of Brooks Automation, (Nasdaq: BRKS) provides the life science industry with the most comprehensive sample management solutions, enabling researchers worldwide to accelerate innovation and improve patient health. Brooks offers automated storage solutions, informatics, sample storage services, lab services, as well as consumables and instruments. Additionally, the acquisition of GENEWIZ will create even more value for our expanded customer base, advancing discoveries in this genomics era. Our cryogenic division delivers solutions to help maintain the cryogenic cold chain, as well as a documented audit trail. In the evolving space of cell therapy and personalized medicine, cryogenic infrastructure that controls and documents time, temperature and chain of custody will be critical in reliable delivery of leading edge treatments to patients.




Innovation Partner

A critical factor facing the Cell Therapy industry is choosing technologies and partners that can deliver scale. There’s no other field of medicine that requires the level of mass customization of production and careful orchestration of production pathways that cell therapies demand. From sample collection through logistics, manufacturing and final transplantation, TrakCel’s proven technology integrates and orchestrates every aspect of your Autologous and Allogeneic supply chains in a scalable, compliant and validated technology platform.


Deloitte - hosting partner


Hosting Partner

Innovation starts with insight and seeing challenges in a new way. In Life Sciences, innovation
is transforming how we target and treat disease through next-generation therapies like
CAR-T and other gene therapies. Bringing these novel treatments to market is no small feat.
Deloitte is at the forefront of working with manufacturers to solve the challenges they face,
including customer and patient engagement, HCP network optimization, supply chain and
manufacturing, and patient access. As you bring innovation to life, we can help you formulate
the right strategy and turn it into reality.