Advancing Supply Chain, Patient Operations & Digitalization for Patient-Led Delivery

Welcome to the Supply Chain and Logistics for Cell Therapies Summit

The demand for cell therapy is increasing and with a growing number of companies creating therapeutics, there has never been a more important time to optimize your supply chain to create a dependable supply of cell therapy treatment. In the wake of Covid, strategies to mitigate risk in supply chain and patient operations can now be shared to plan for hindrances in the future. Here's what we covered at our 2022 event:

  • Exclusive presentations on key industry challenges and valuable insights from leaders in the field including GlaxoSmithKline, Legend Biotech, Iovance, and more.  
  • Discussed standardization, reviewed digital system implementation, tackled upscaling and optimized cryopreservation 

Download the 2022 event guide to learn more about what we addressed.

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