Strengthen, Scale & Standardize Your Cell & Gene Therapy Supply Chain & Clinical Operations to Innovate Resilient, Visible & Patient-Centric End-to-End Delivery

Welcome to the 4th Supply Chain and Logistics for Cell & GTx Summit

The demand for cell and GTx is growing at an exponential rate as an increasing number of drug developers scale up their supply chain operations as their pipelines grow and more candidates are accelerated into the clinic. 

As numerous therapies progress to commercial levels, there has never been a more important time to synergize your supply and clinical efforts to future-proof the scalability, accessibility and patient-centricity of your cell or GTx treatment, particularly in an acute period of geopolitical global disruption.

2023 Highlights:


30+ case studies designed to help you achieve resilience, leanness & visibility of supply, with actionable insights from Novartis, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Beam Therapeutics, Instil Bio, Moffitt Cancer Centre and more 

4+ hours of interactive audience discussion to crowd-source practical solutions from supply chain, clinical operations, quality assurance and IT colleagues 

1 Standardization Focus Day to realign pharma-hospital-vendor expectations and move towards standard practices to streamline the industry

Fast-track the industry’s digitalization processes to improve visibility to enable phase-appropriate scaling

Sharing enhanced clinical management and patient support strategies to facilitate patient-centric commercial-stage expansion in the BRAND NEW Clinical Delivery Track

Download the Full Event Guide to gain cutting-edge, actionable insights from established experts to inform your Supply Chain, Clinical Operations, IT, Compliance and Quality Assurance strategies. 

A Snapshot of this Year's Expert Speakers:

2022 Attendees Included:

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