Dedicated to Advancing Supply Chain, Patient Operations & Digitalization for Patient-Led Delivery

Join us in Boston for the 3rd Supply Chain and Logistics for Cell Therapies Summit, dedicated to maximizing efficiency for seamless vein-to-vein delivery at all stages of development.

Do you want to gain valuable insights to help transform your supply chain into a flawless operating system for the reliable delivery of life-saving treatments?

The demand for cell therapy is increasing and with growing numbers of companies creating therapies, there has never been a more important time to optimize your supply chain to create a dependable supply of cell therapy treatment. In the wake of Covid, strategies to mitigate risk in supply chain and patient operations can now be shared to plan for hindrances in the future.


With exclusive presentations and discussions on key industry challenges, gain valuable insights from leaders in the field including GlaxoSmithKline, Legend Biotech, IovanceGamida Cell and more.  


Discuss standardization, review digital system implementation, prepare for upscaling and optimize cryopreservation in person with like-minded supply chain professionals all to maximize efficiency and create a patient-centric end-to-end system. 

Previous Attending Companies:

Supply for Cell Immunotherapies Summit - companies attending

2022 Expert Speaker Faculty Includes

Benefits of Attending

Prepare for clinical expansion
by formulating the most efficient operations prior to commercialization

Join interactive physical discussion based sessions
about the current challenges and find solutions with like-minded individuals

Meet industry leaders, in person
to build your network and share methods to enhance operational efficiency

Discover how to effortlessly implement digital systems
to improve communications and management of the complex supply chain

Discuss up to date efforts in maintaining chain of identity and chain of custody, as well as developing standards to improve patient operations and safety